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Private Limited Company

Private Limited Company is the most common type of a legal entity in Zimbabwe enjoying limited liability.

By registering your business as a Pvt Limited company you will be elligible to work with private companies, bid for government tenders and limit the risk of getting your property attached to cover business debts.

Requirements for Pvt Limited

  • Four proposed company names avoiding abbreviations.
  • Company core business – what you are venturing into.
  • Physical and postal addresses of your business.
  • Business contact number and custom email address.
  • Names, ID/Passport & Addresses of least 2 directors.
  • Names, ID/Passport & Addresses of the company shareholders.

Register a Private Limited Company

Download Registration Application Form

    Please make sure you have completed the application form. Also make sure you include your FULL name, email, phone and your 4 proposed company names!

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